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Charley the Prayermaster - Matt Cranitch, Jackie Daly
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This is a well-travelled tune, also known as "The Cowboy Jig" as it was titled on Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser's 1989 recording The Road North, where he paired it with Calliope House. Here's a great Irish version by Sliabh Luachra masters Matt Cranitch (fiddle) and Jackie Daly (accordion).


Charley Murphy or "Charley the Prayermaster" was a professional piper from Tralibane, where Captain Francis O'Neill grew up. This tune appears in several of O'Neill's early 20th century collections of Irish dance music.




T: Charley the Prayermaster

T: The Cowboy's Jig

R: Jig

M: 6/8

S: Matt Cranitch (fiddle) and Jackie Daly (accordion), transcribed by Joe Fago

K: G

GED G2 A | Bee !turn!d3 | edB GAB | {d}BAG ABA | 

GED G2 A | Bee d^cd | edB BdB | AGG G2 A :|

Bcd e2 d | ege edB | ded def | !turn!g3 edB | 

GFG AGA | Bdd e/f/ge | dBA B/c/dB | AGG G2 :| 

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