Full set plus board $150 + shipping

Irish Session Chess Sets are individually hand-crafted so each set will vary slightly from those pictured. Every piece is hand cast in poly resin and individually painted. Every set is made to your personal specifications as far as color and alternate secondary pieces. Please allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery.

King (uilleann pipes)
Queen (fiddle)
Bishop (concertina)
Knight (harp)
Rook (whistle)
Pawn (standing stone)
I hand finish every piece, and I can make them pretty much any color you want. I prefer modern chess white and black—although the "white" is antiqued to look like walrus ivory, and the  "black" is a very dark brown that feels more ancient, somehow.

On the historical, 12th-century Isle of Lewis pieces, one side is believed to have been stained red.
Alternate Bishop
Alternate Knight
Alternate Rook
Alternate Pawn
18" x 18" Chessboard  | Squares are 2" x 2"
Celtic knotwork design
Full color printing with satin finish
Printed on quality 1/4" cardboard stock
Center fold for easy storage