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The Butcher's March - (slow)
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I'd love to hear this fine tune played more often in our local sessions. Despite the title, this jig does well with lots of lilt and lift—don't play this grimly as if for soldiers trudging off to battle! To my ear it sounds closely related to The Lark's March. Anyone? Anyone?


X: 4

T: Butcher's March, The

L: 1/8

S: Judy Fallon

R: Jig

M: 6/8

K: G

ded BAB | dBA A2 B | ded BAB |dBA G2 B | ded BAB |

dBA A2 g | f/g/af gfe |1 dBG G2 B :|2 dBG GBd ||

eAA fAA | eAA (A B/c/d) | eAA gfe | dBG GBd |

eAA fAA | eAA efg | faf gfe |1 dBG GBd :|2 dBG G3 |]

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