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The Battering Ram - (slow)
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It's said that this 3-part jig was named after the device used knock down doors and evict poor tenants. I prefer to think of it as a paean to a wooly, love-sotted barnyard jouster. But I'm probably fooling myself.


X: 1

T: Battering Ram, The

R: Jig

M: 6/8

S: Colm O'Donnell of Sligo (flute). Transcribed by Joe Fago.

K: D

B | dBG {d}BAG | DBG ~G2 B | dBG AGE | GED {G}D2 B|

dBG {d}BAG | ~B3 {d}BAG | AGA ~B3 | GED {G}D2 :|

B | deg ~a3 | bge {g}edB | deg ~a3 | bge {g}ega |

b2 g age | ged e{ga}ge | dBG AGE | GED {G}D2 :|

~B2 G ~A2 G | ~B2 D D2 B | {d}BAG {B}AGE | GED {E}D3 |

~B2 G ~A2 G | BDG {d}BAG | {BA}AGA {d}BAB | GED {E}D3 :|

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