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The Boyne Hunt - (slow)
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This tune was originally called “The Perthshire Hunt,” commissioned for the Perthshire Hunt Ball and composed in the late 18th century by Miss Magdalina Stirling of Perthshire, Scotland. Whether Miss Stirling drew upon pre-existing material is unknown. But over two centuries later, it 's been thoroughly assimilated into the Irish canon, where it's known by many names, the most common of which is perhaps "The Boyne Hunt."

There is a whole clade of reels that to my ear share melodic traits, such as Last Night's Fun, Lucy Campbell, The Sailor's Bonnet, and The Bucks of Oranmore. But I think this tune is the grandma of them all.


This version is based on the fantastic playing on the recording Conversation At The Crosses by Pat O'Connor And Eoghan O'Sullivan. A must-have album if ever there was one.


X: 1

T: Boyne Hunt, The

M: 4/4

R: Reel

K: D

A2 FA DAFA | DAFA BE E2 | A2 FA DAFB | ABde fd d2 :|

faaf a2 af | g2 ga be e2 | faaf a2 af | e2 de fd d2 |

faaf a2 af | g2 ga be e2 | f2 fe d2 dB | ABde fd d2 |]

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