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Toss the Feathers - (slow)
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This reel in D dorian is usually associated with County Clare. In fact it is sometimes referred to as "The Clare Toss the Feathers". Melodically, it sounds to me like it's somewhere between the more common D mixolydian and the E dorian versions.


X: 3

T: Toss the Feathers

R: reel

M: 4/4

S: Alison Perkins, after the Tulla Ceili Band

Z: Joe Fago

N: This is the D dorian version of the tune

K: Ddor

|: D2 AD {F}EDAD | {F}EDAD {F}EDCE | D2 AD {F}EDEG | AB{cd}cA GE ~E2 :|

Addc d2 {cd}cd | edcd ed ~d2 | ea{b}ag ed{cd}cd| edcd ed ~d2 |

eaag ef{ga}ge | dged cAGE | D3 D FGAB | c2 cd cAGE |]

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