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T: Old Light

C: Andy Cutting

R: Instrumental

S: From the playing of Andy Cutting on his eponymous recording "Andy Cutting" (Topic Records).


S: Transcribed by Joe F

K: Am

A,B, | C4 B,CED | G,4- G,2 DG | E8- | E3 z G,2 A,<B, | 

C3 B, (3CB,A, CD | G,2 DG- G2 D2 | E4 E G3- | G3 z G,2 A,<B, |]

{CD}C2 B,4 C2 | E  F D2 G,4 | A,B,CD E4 | G8- | 

G4 G2 AB | c3 d B3 B | (3cBA G2 A3 B | G8- | 

G2 [DA]4 GE | CE {FG}FE C4 | A,2 A,C [G,D]4- | [G,D]8 |] 

Mr. Cutting deserves an apology

It's almost as if the hapless transcriber has had no formal musical training at all and is trying to fake it by playing by ear. But, like the question one asks while lobbing a hand grenade, is close enough good enough?

# Posted by joe fidkid a few moments ago

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