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Pure Drop Purity Meter

This invaluable device, recently approved for civilian use by the central Trad Police Authority and Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, allows the user to definitively assess the relative traditional Irish purity of instruments, individual playing styles, sessions and even the tunes themselves. The device is easy-to-use and comes with a 300-page instruction manual in Gaelic. €650.00

Isle of Guernsey chess set

Believed to have been carved c. 1250, this set constitutes one of the few complete, surviving medieval traditional music chess sets. They reflect the widespread influence of Irish music even at this early date.


Discovered in 1831 on the Bailiwick of Guernsey by a drunken bouzouki player stumbling home from a session, they are owned and exhibited by the British Museum in London, which has 67 of the original pieces, and the Museum of Guernsey in Saint Peter Port, which has the remaining piece, a damaged pawn.


This magnificent reproduction is cast in durable poly-resin in molds made from the original pieces. €75.00

Flat Cap Curragh

Not only is this rakish sessionwear-cum-watercraft dead sexy enough to make a Galway hooker blush, it’s perfect for crossing the pond for a transatlantic session, if the legends of Saint Brendan are to be believed. Might even fit on the head of a fiddle player. Makes a decent bivvy if you’re too drunk to make it home from the sesh.  €1150.00

Saint Paddy’s Day Puke

Will the craic never end?  Green latex looks just like the real thing!  Perfect for the bar top, table top, chair seat, or in the middle of the session circle! €1.25

Green Beer Green Concentrated Dye

Essential beverage additive for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, this concentrated dye is perfect for the drinking o’ the green. Made from barium chloride, the same compound used to create green-coloured fireworks and green-burning fireplace logs. WARNING: Harmful or fatal if swallowed. €6.60

New Pure Drop Ear® Canal Oil

Whatever happened to member #35542? Perhaps this person lives on under another name in's witness protection program. Loved the posts... and in fact, this is the moniker that started us down the rocky road to making ridiculous session products. €2.50

SyrupStik Wig Glue

Accept no substitutes! SyrupStik is the original wig glue in a stick, renowned for its tenacious, long lasting action and ease of application. €3.50

Hair Hat Araldite

NEW! This high-performance peruke epoxy is the preferred substitute for those willing to accept substitutes, celebrated for its unsurpassed performance under the most rigourous conditions. €7.00

Hot Water Bottle

Perfect for warming one’s extremities on a cold blow and rainy night. Each bottle is lovingly machine-extruded using traditional methods. Numerous styles, colors available. Ring for current inventory. € Market price

Suspension Waiver

Good for the remitting of one (1) suspendable offense on, including excessive incivility or serial postings of personal musical compositions. €100.00

Session Mustard

Mmmmm, traditional style. The most delicious mustard you will ever consume. Zesty and full flavoured, Session Mustard makes gustation a pleasure! €2.75

New And Improved! Session Brand Horseradish

Slightly milder than the classic mustard but with an intriguing flavour all its own. €2.75

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