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ROSIN-OLEUM™ Hill & Sons

Cosmetic Spray Rosin

Instant, spray-on credibility. The lads down at the pub will clear a seat for you the moment you walk in with a rosin-coated fiddle under your arm.  Why put in hours of playing, when you can look the part in seconds? Easy clean-up formula will not harm finish. €75.00

Accordion Capo

Straightforward device instantly and effortlessly changes your B/C box to C#/D, D/D#, G/G#, D/G or even A/D—and vice versa! Attaches with equal ease to most button accordions, melodions, chemnitzer concertinas and bandoneóns.  Some welding and assembly required.  €36.66

Uilleann Pipe Reed Tweaker

Precision tool for fine-tuning uilleann pipe reeds on those rare occasions when they slide out of pitch, and for repairing troublesome reeds that need a bit more attention. €2.75

“Perpetual Improver” fiddle bow

This fiddle bow is especially for the player who’s been playing for years with 10 – 15 barely recognizable tunes in the repertoire.  Makes a fantastic gift that the entire session will appreciate!  €75.00

Laguiole™ Bodhrán Tipper

Vigorous application of these French tippers is guaranteed to improve the sound of any bodhrán.  Imported. €5.50


Essential, some say, for developing the subtle, flowing, push-pull rhythms of traditional Irish music. We will concede that the design owes more to Rien Poortvliet than the leipreachán, but as it’s a diminutive being associated with European folklore, let’s call it close enough, shall we? €6.66

Spoon Cozies

Jumpers for your spoons! Hand woven from genuine Arran bawneen by simulated 60/40 cotton-poly grannies. Insistently recommended if not absolutely required for session playing. Posh knot-engraved spoons not included. €15.50

Microphone Mug with Sub-woofer

This one’s for the punters. Now they can make their comments and song requests heard above the din and racket of the session. And as we all know, there’s nothing more fun at a tunes session than a sing-along, unless it’s a drunken sing-along. And the only thing more fun than a drunken sing-along is an amplified drunken sing-along. €10.00

Shame Flute

An Old Favourite revisited! In the Middle Ages, bad musicians were publicly humiliated by being forced to wear a heavy iron flute shackled to their neck. The musician’s fingers were then clamped to the keys, giving the impression they were playing the instrument. The musical transgressor was then put on display in the town square for the casting of aspersions and rotten cabbages. Seriously, this was really a thing in former times. This public shaming is enjoying a long-overdue resurgence at modern sessions. €25


The Shame Flute is called for to redress crimes including but not limited to:

• Playing a tune previously played that evening

• Playing too fast

• Playing too slow

• Playing Tam Lin, at any speed

Rugged construction. Instructive User's Manual included. One size fits most. 

Shrew Fiddle

Another traditional torture device making a comeback at better sessions worldwide, the Shrew Fiddle makes a fine companion to the Shame Flute for keeping our string-playing friends in line. We're pleased to note that the word "shrew" has acquired gender neutral status so this device is for everyone! Also known as the Toilet Seat of Repentance. This was a real thing, we are not making this up.  €25

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